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Pre-Arrival Letter for Spousal Sponsorship Application in Canada

The pre-arrival letter for spousal sponsorship provides vital information about steps to take before arrival to ensure a successful transition.

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IMMERGITY Immigration Consultant

Mar 29, 2023

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Pre-Arrival Letter for Spousal Sponsorship Application

The pre-arrival letter is an essential document in the Canadian spousal sponsorship application process. This guide will discuss the importance of the pre-arrival letter, its role in the application, and its contents. We will also provide valuable resources related to the spousal sponsorship process in Canada.

What is a Pre-Arrival Letter?

A pre-arrival letter is a document that informs the sponsored spouse or common-law partner that their application has been approved in principle. This letter serves as a preliminary notice before the final decision is made, giving the applicant an opportunity to prepare for their arrival in Canada.

Why is the Pre-Arrival Letter Important?

The pre-arrival letter is a critical step in the spousal sponsorship application process. It indicates that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has assessed the application positively and is likely to approve it.

While the pre-arrival letter is not a guarantee of approval, it provides a strong indication that the application is on the right track. It is crucial for the applicant to make necessary preparations for their move to Canada, including gathering necessary documentation and making travel arrangements.

Contents of a Pre-Arrival Letter

A typical pre-arrival letter contains the following information:

  1. Contact information for IRCC

  2. Information about the spousal sponsorship application process

  3. A checklist of documents that the sponsored spouse must bring to Canada

  4. Instructions on how to obtain a permanent resident card

  5. Information about settlement services available in Canada

  6. Important phone numbers and websites

How to Obtain a Pre-Arrival Letter

Once a sponsored spouse's application for spousal sponsorship is approved, IRCC will send the pre-arrival letter to the sponsored spouse's address. The letter is typically sent by regular mail, so it may take several weeks to arrive. It is important for sponsored spouses to ensure that their contact information is up to date with IRCC to avoid any delays in receiving the pre-arrival letter.

What does it mean to receive pre-arrival services letter from IRCC?

Receiving a pre-arrival services letter from IRCC means that the sponsored individual has been approved for spousal sponsorship and is eligible to receive information and assistance in preparing for their arrival in Canada. The letter contains important information about settlement services available in Canada, as well as instructions on how to obtain a permanent resident card.

How long does it take to get PR after pre-arrival letter in spousal sponsorship?

The length of time it takes to obtain permanent residency after receiving a pre-arrival letter in spousal sponsorship can vary. Generally, it can take several months to process the application for permanent residency, but it depends on various factors, such as the processing times of IRCC and the completeness of the application.

What is pre-arrival preparation for Canada?

Pre-arrival preparation for Canada involves a range of activities that sponsored individuals can undertake to prepare for their arrival in Canada. This may include things like researching the job market, arranging housing, and enrolling in language classes or other settlement services.

What is pre arrival activity?

Pre-arrival activity refers to any activity that a sponsored individual can undertake to prepare for their arrival in Canada. This may include things like completing language assessments, researching job opportunities, and learning about Canadian culture.

What pre-arrival activities must be done?

The pre-arrival activities that must be done depend on the individual's specific situation and needs. However, some common activities that may be recommended include completing language assessments, researching the job market, and enrolling in settlement services to help with things like finding housing and opening a bank account. It's important for sponsored individuals to consult with IRCC and other resources to determine which pre-arrival activities are most appropriate for their situation.

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