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Canada Immigration - Dual Citizenship

Each nation determines who it regards to be a citizen. You have dual citizenship if you are recognized as a citizen by more than one country.

There is no application for dual citizenship and no related certificate. It is permissible for Canadians to acquire foreign citizenship while retaining their Canadian citizenship.

Before applying for Canadian citizenship, you should inquire with the embassy of your home country about its rules.

quick facts

  • Processing time: 12 months.

  • Processing fee $75. 

  • Can I travel with Canadian Citizenship Certificate: No. It's not a travel document. 

Canadian Dual Citizenship


Dual citizenship is allowed in Canada, but there are a few rules you need to follow to make sure you remain a Canadian citizen in good standing.

  1. First, you need to meet the requirements for Canadian citizenship. To do this, you must be born in Canada or have at least one parent who is a Canadian citizen. You must also have lived in Canada for at least three years out of the last five.

  2. Second, you need to make sure that you don't jeopardize your Canadian citizenship by doing something that would cause you to lose it. For example, serving in the armed forces of another country or working for a foreign government could put your Canadian citizenship at risk.

  3. Third, you need to stay up-to-date with your taxes in both Canada and the other country where you hold citizenship. This includes filing your taxes on time and paying any taxes owed.

  4. Fourth, if you want to renew your passport, you need to do so through the Canadian government. You cannot use a foreign passport to enter or leave Canada.

  5. Finally, remember that as a dual citizen, you are subject to the laws of both countries. This means that if you break the law in one country, you could be prosecuted


There are numerous advantages to dual and multiple citizenship, but there are also potential negatives. In addition to the possibility of having a former citizenship revoked, it is also conceivable to be caught between two countries' legality, taxation, and mandatory military duty, as well as other seemingly unforeseen issues. The laws that apply to a person depend on his or her citizenship and current country of residence. It is essential to be aware of the laws governing dual or multiple citizenship in each place of citizenship.

Dual citizenship is a source of pride for Canada and its residents in numerous ways. Dual citizenship demonstrates Canada's acceptance of multiculturalism and its variety. Many new Canadians choose to retain their former citizenship alongside their Canadian citizenship. In most instances, having dual citizenship is advantageous.

Which other countries apart from Canada permit Dual Citizenship?


Throughout the world, 49 countries allow dual citizenship. Including Canada, those countries are:

  • Albania;

  • Australia;

  • Barbados;

  • Bangladesh;

  • Belgium;

  • Bulgaria;

  • Chile;

  • Costa Rica;

  • Croatia;

  • Cyprus;

  • Czech Republic;

  • Denmark;

  • Dominican Republic;

  • Egypt;

  • Finland;

  • France;

  • Germany;

  • Greece;

  • Hungary;

  • Iceland;

  • Ireland;

  • Israel;

  • Italy;

  • Jamaica;

  • Kosovo;

  • Latvia;

  • Malta;

  • Mexico;

  • Nigeria;

  • Pakistan;

  • Panama;

  • Peru;

  • Philippines;

  • Portugal;

  • Romania;

  • St Kitts & Nevis

  • Serbia;

  • Slovenia;

  • South Africa;

  • South Korea;

  • Spain;

  • Sweden;

  • Switzerland;

  • Syria;

  • Turkey;

  • United Kingdom;

  • United States, and;

  • Venezuela.

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