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Increase CRS Score

How to Increase CRS Score: Effective Strategies and Tips

To increase your CRS score for Canadian permanent residency, focus on improving language proficiency, obtaining additional education or certifications, gaining Canadian work experience, and maximizing points through provincial nomination programs or adaptability factors. These strategies will enhance your chances of receiving an ITA.

1. Retake the IELTS


You can earn about 160 points in the Express Entry pool with a strong IELTS score. Instead of aiming for the minimum, aim high—the maximum. You can earn an additional 50 points in the Express Entry system if you have successfully completed post-secondary education and a strong IELTS score.

2. Work History


Your Express Entry score may be improved by your work history. To earn the most points, make sure you comply with the minimal requirements. Think about first coming to Canada as a temporary worker or student. Your Express Entry score is increased if you have work experience in Canada.

3. Spousal Points


No, we are not asking you to get married to get more points. Duh!! But if you are married, your spouse can get you those additional points by way of Language scores (20 points), Canadian work experience (10 points) or getting an ECA(10 points).

4. Job Offer


Your Express Entry score may increase by up to 200 points if you have a job offer from Canada. To try and land a legitimate job offer, keep an eye on the Canadian Job Banks, talk to references, coworkers, friends, use private job sites, social media, and professional networks. Making connections with Canadian employers and professionals will also aid in securing some opportunities.

5. Education


Even if it is not related to your current job, mention all eligible education you’ve completed on your Express Entry profile and obtain an ECA for all credentials. Express Entry awards points for education regardless of the area of study and whether or not it relates to your current work. Read more


Gaining more education can result in a much higher CRS score. In additional to receiving CRS points for your level of education, with education you can gain a maximum of 100 points through the skill transferability factors section.


In terms of education, to maximize your skill transferability points, you must complete the following level of education:


  • Two or more post-secondary credentials, and at least one must have been for a program of three-years or longer.

6. Second Language


Claim points for both English and French under the CRS. If you have it flaunt it. Ensure taking an approved language test in both English and French to ensure that you’re getting as many points as possible. Bilingual candidates can claim bonus points.

7. Sibling(s) in Canada


The relationship can be through blood, adoption, marriage, or common-law partnership. If you, or your spouse/common-law partner, have a brother or sister living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident, just prove the relationship and increase your CRS score increase by 15 points.


8. Provincial Nomination Programs(PNP)


Give your CRS score a 600-point boost by applying through PNP. Each province and territory has its own "streams" and requirements. Provinces and territories may target:


  • Students

  •  Business people

  •  Skilled workers

  •  Semi-skilled workers

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