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AOR for Spousal Sponsorship Application - Navigating the Acknowledgment of Receipt

Importance of Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) in the Canadian spousal sponsorship process, its significance, and what to expect after receiving it.

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IMMERGITY Immigration Consultant

Mar 29, 2023

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AOR for Spousal Sponsorship Application

Receiving the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) for your spousal sponsorship application is a crucial milestone in the Canadian immigration process. This article will guide you through the AOR process, its importance, and what to expect after receiving it, while providing relevant links to enhance your understanding of the spousal sponsorship journey.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding AOR for Spousal Sponsorship

  2. Why is the AOR Important?

  3. What to Expect After AOR

  4. Relevant Spousal Sponsorship Links

What is an AOR for Spousal Sponsorship?

The Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is an official communication from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) confirming that they have received your spousal sponsorship application. The AOR typically arrives within a few weeks of submitting your application and serves as an essential indicator that your application is in the processing queue. It may also include an application number as well as a Unique Client Identification (UCI) number, which you can use to track your application's progress online.

Why is the AOR Important?

The AOR serves several critical purposes in the spousal sponsorship process:

  1. Confirmation: The AOR verifies that your application has been received by IRCC, providing peace of mind and assurance that your application is in the system.

  2. Tracking: With the application number and your Unique Client Identification (UCI) number provided in the AOR, you can track the status of your application through the IRCC online portal.

  3. Communication: The AOR establishes a line of communication between you and IRCC, enabling you to receive updates and submit additional documents when requested.

What to Expect After AOR

Once you have received the AOR, you can expect the following steps in the spousal sponsorship process:

  1. Initial Assessment: IRCC will conduct an initial assessment of your application, which includes checking your eligibility, verifying the completeness of your application, and ensuring you have submitted all required documents.

  2. Background and Security Checks: After the initial assessment, IRCC will perform background and security checks on both the sponsor and the sponsored spouse. These checks may include criminal records, medical examinations, and other relevant information to ensure the applicant is admissible to Canada.

  3. Additional Information Requests: If IRCC requires further information or documentation, they will contact you with specific requests. It is crucial to respond promptly to these requests to avoid delays in your application processing.

  4. Decision: Once all checks are completed and additional information has been provided (if requested), IRCC will make a final decision on your spousal sponsorship application. If approved, the sponsored spouse will be granted a permanent resident visa.

Relevant Spousal Sponsorship Links

To learn more about various aspects of spousal sponsorship in Canada, explore the following links:

In conclusion, the Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) is a crucial milestone in the spousal sponsorship application process. By understanding its importance and what to expect after receiving it, you can navigate the process with confidence and peace of mind. Stay informed, proactive, and prepared to ensure a successful outcome in your journey to reunite with your loved one in Canada.

If you have further questions, speak to a professional by booking an appointment now.

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