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Canada Immigration - Visitor Visa

A Visitor Visa is also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa, and it consists of a document used for tourists to enter Canada on a temporary basis. Unless you are from a visa-exempt country, you will need a visitor visa to enter Canada whether you are coming as a student, temporary worker, or simply to visit.

quick facts

  • Processing time: 91 - 220 days

  • Processing fee $100 + Biometrics Fee $85 (if applicable) 

  • Valid for : Leisure and Tourism

  • Maximum Length of approval: Validity of the passport or 10 years.

  • Method of Stamping: Counterfoil or eTA (electronic travel authorization)

Who Needs a Visitor Visa for Canada?

If you're planning to visit Canada, you may need a visitor visa. This is especially true if you're coming from a country that's not on the Visa Waiver Program list. To get a visitor visa, you'll need to fill out an application and submit it along with any required documents. Once your application is processed, you'll be notified if you've been approved for a visa. If you're approved, you'll need to pay the visa fee and then you'll be able to pick up your visa at a Canadian embassy or consulate.

Canadian permanent residents are not permitted to apply for a visitor visa, even if their permanent resident card has expired. They must instead apply for a permanent resident travel document (PRTD). Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, are also not permitted to apply for a visitor visa. They must be travelling on a valid Canadian passport. If you are transiting through or coming to Canada for business, not as a temporary foreign worker, you may need a business visitor visa. If you are planning to open a new business or start-up you will need to apply for a Start-up Visa for Canada.

How to apply for a Visitor Visa for Canada ?

Those who wish to enter Canada as tourists are permitted to submit their applications for visiting visas in one of three ways: online, on paper, or in person at a Visa Application Center (VAC). If you are travelling with your family, each member of your family, including any youngsters who are dependent on you, must fill out their individual application.


Having said that, you are free to send in all of your applications at once. It is possible that applicants will be required to provide biometric information as part of their applications depending on the nation in which they are citizens. In the event that biometrics are necessary, the applicant will be asked to visit a biometric collection service point in order to provide their fingerprints and a photograph of themselves. You will be required to provide your biometric information either after you have submitted the application for a visitor visa or simultaneously with the submission of the application if you are completing the application in person at a Visa Application Center (VAC).

The entry document you need depends on:

  • The type of travel document you plan to travel with.

  • The country that issued your travel document.

  • Your nationality.

  • Your method of travel to Canada.

What are the requirements to apply for a Visitor Visa to Canada?


There are a few prerequisites for obtaining a Canada Visitor Visa. Among them are:

  1. Present a valid travel document, such as a passport.

  2. Demonstrate your healthy health.

  3. Have no immigration-related or criminal convictions.

  4. Demonstrate to an immigration officer that you have ties to your native country, such as a job, a home, financial resources, or family.

  5. Persuade an immigration officer that you will depart Canada at the conclusion of your stay.

  6. Show that you have sufficient funds for your stay.

How much is the Canada Visitor Visa application processing fee?

  • Application fee of CAD$ 100.

  • Biometrics fees of CAD$ 85 per person (if required).

  • Passport processing fees of around CAD$ 45.

What is the Canada Visitor Visa application processing time?

The processing time depends on the country from which you are applying from and how complete is your application.

  • Typical processing time ranges between 91 days to 221 days.

  • The time it takes to send an application between a visa application center and IRCC office.

  • The time you need to give your biometrics.

Need help in applying for a Visitor Visa for Canada? Hire an authorized paid representative.

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If you're thinking of hiring a representative, be sure to check that they're authorized by IRCC. You can verify our credentials by clicking here.

Hiring a representative is not required, but it can be helpful, especially if you're not familiar with the application process. If you decide to hire a representative, be sure to choose someone who you trust and who you feel comfortable working with.

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